Continuously updating desktop background of the earth dating a biker chick

For a wall-hanging world clock with similar appeal, look at Geochron's expensive products.If you have a use for the World Sunlight Map images, contact me with details and we'll discuss options.Its interface is made to be as simple as can be; once powered on and warmed up, HDEV transmits video straight to Earth, live, without recording it onboard.

Today, in addition to traditional viruses, there are Trojans, worms, ransomware, spyware, adware and plenty of other "wares." The computer industry term for all this is "malware." Even state-of-the-art computer security can't always keep up with new threats.

Earth Desk converts your desktop into a beautiful, real-time image of the Earth from space, continuously updating in the background while you work.

Configure the map, sit back, and enjoy the stunning view! Earth Desk features near real-time clouds, accurate sun, moon, and city lighting. As it moves throughout the day, depicting live data, it's a great source of information.

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[pullquote] Every type of malware does something a little differently.

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