Dating relationship counseling

Working out what you’re looking for in a potential partner and what kind of relationship you feel comfortable with can feel overwhelming especially if you’ve been single for some time.

Fear of rejection or judgement or issues surrounding self-confidence could be holding you back.

Playing it cool and not getting too involved may make you feel safe, but you risk coming across as aloof or remote, and may turn the other person off. For some, it’s when the gas light comes on…for others it is proactively when you’re at half of a tank because you believe going lower hurts your vehicle.If you don’t ever add fuel, your car simply stops working. Some cars call for every 3,000 miles…others 5-7,000.So, when your relationship is strained, have you ever considered going to therapy?In my experiences, for some individuals “couples therapy” is a stigmatized term accompanied with shame and perceived failure.

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