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Even the Android OS used in many phones and tablets is based on Linux. Like so many of my readers, I’d lost, misplaced, or just didn’t feel like looking for the actual Dell Windows XP Home disk, particularly since I had a old pre-SP1 retail disk (purchased from the Microsoft Company Store) in front of me that I’d never used.

Windows Genuine Advantage is Microsoft's not so subtle crackdown on illegal piracy of Windows XP and Microsoft Office products.

Each distribution is Linux, but they are not necessarily binary compatible with each other (i.e.

programs that run on one distribution may or may not run on another), and often differ greatly in the user interface and software selection presented to the user. A collection of bits stored on a computer somewhere.

These products are no longer actively supported by Microsoft.

No further development will take place on these products and security updates are no longer issued.

Can't I just uninstall the teacher thing,and if so what would it be named, how do I do it?

Popular distributions include Ubuntu (which itself is based on the Debian distribution,) Mint, Fedora, open SUSE, and more. confusing factor: the machine is a Dell, and came with Dells OEM version of Windows XP Home pre-installed.

Puppy Linux is an example of a distribution specifically designed to minimize system requirements. The product key for XP Home that was installed on it is on a sticker on the bottom of the laptop.

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Do you have Windows XP without the genuine serial key?

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